Michelle Atkinson

By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.

Michelle Atkinson, that’s me, is Kansas City based but hasn’t always been. Born as a military baby in Oklahoma and married to a Marine, I’ve lived in quite a few cities. I was raised in a suburb of KC and we moved our family back to the area after my husband separated from the Marine Corps.

I began to freelance in 1994 when we first moved away from this area. Being a freelancer served me well as a military wife and mom. I took a break for a few years while our children were in high school. Now our children are ‘mostly’ grown and I have more free time, I am getting back at it.

Welcome To My Website

Catering to the small business, I will ALWAYS meet face to face in consultation. I think it is important to learn who my clients are, what their style is, how they think.  It’s my passion to bring to life what they are thinking.