About Me

I graduated from Central Missouri State University, now called the University of Central Missouri, with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and a minor in Graphic Arts. 

I have worked in several arenas over the years, starting with an engineering firm. I was part of the creative team that put together their proposals. From there I went to work for a hotel in public relations and quickly transitioned to a not-for-profit. During my tenure there, I worked on special events and did a lot of the creative work for them. Before the internet was big, I was part of a creative team that put together training materials for the railroad, created newsletters, did design work for the Marine Corps Association, worked on display ads for a newspaper, was the main design person for an advertising agency and a print shop.

A lot of my more recent work has been for small businesses around the Kansas City area. While I have worked with some larger agencies, I find that I like working with the smaller fish. I enjoy meeting face-to-face and getting to know who they are. It brings me great pleasure to bring their ideas to life and it is always my goal to hear, “I love it!” when I am done.